City Services

  1. Building Department

    Building Code and Inspections Information

  2. Code Enforcement

    Keep up-to-date on the latest code compliance efforts.

  3. Community Events

  4. Development

    See how the city is investing in the community and developing future projects.

  5. Emergency Notification System-HyperReach

  6. Financial Services

    View important financial records and tax information.

  7. Fire Services

  8. Human Resources

    Find career opportunities and employee benefit information.

  9. Parks & Facilities

    View local public parks and their features.

  10. Planning/Zoning

    Zoning ensures that businesses complement each other and that neighborhoods are developed in a consistent manner.

  11. Police Services

  12. Public Service Department

    Check out the efforts to maintain city streets, drains, rights-of-way, and more.

  13. Trash Collection & Recycling

    View trash collection schedules and recycling centers.

  14. Utilities