Income Tax

:Changes Due to COVID-19:


The CCA Taxpayers Assistance events have been cancelled due to Covid-19.  If you need help completing tax returns, please call 1-800-223-6317 or click to find the appropriate person to email.  Ohio Tax Commissioner Jeff McClain announced March 24th that Ohio will be following the federal government and IRS in extending the deadline to file and pay Ohio individual income and school district income taxes for tax year 2020.  The new deadline is May 17th, an extension of approximately one month from the original deadline of April 15th.  This new deadline also includes Clayton city taxes.

As an alternative option, you may mail tax documents to CCA’s office, and they will process the tax return for you.  Residents may fill out a form and attach their tax information and mail them to CCA who will then prepare their taxes and mail them back. Please be sure to include a phone number with tax information. Tax information can be mailed to: CCA – Division of Taxation at 205 W St Clair Ave. Cleveland OH 44113.  If residents are not comfortable mailing the forms to CCA they can drop them at the City Building and a CCA representative will collect them on the following Thursdays:

    • Thursday, March 25th
    • Thursday, April 1st
    • Thursday, April 8th
    • Thursday, April 15th 
    • Thursday. April 22nd
    • Thursday, April 29th
    • Thursday, May 6th (this is the last pickup date)

Anything beyond the due date of the return (May 6th) should be mailed directly to either the Cleveland or Hamilton Office, as they will need a confirmed postmark date for anything past May 6, 2021. 

CCA  hours of operation for CCA until further notice are:

  • Tuesday, each week, 9am – 2pm
  • Wednesday, each week, 9am – 2pm

Income Tax

The City of Clayton income tax for those living and working in Clayton is 1.5%, however residents working outside the City, receive an resident tax reduction of 50%.  Residents working outside the City and paying employment tax to another taxing community who estimate they will owe at least $200.00 in municipal tax (after subtracting withholding to the City and any credits), must file a declaration of estimated tax and make quarterly payments with all payments due by January 15th of the  following year.

CCA - Division of Taxation

 In an effort to reduce the cost of services and improve accessibility to residents, Clayton has entered into a contract with CCA - Division of Taxation to collect municipal income taxes. CCA allows for easier access for residents and businesses. CCA offers online filing and payment of tax bills. You can also visit CCA website.

Payments & Filing

Returns must be filed with payment of taxes due no later than May 17, 2021. Other quarterly payments are due and those due dates will be announced soon. Checks can be made payable to the CCA - Division of Taxation. Be sure to add your social security number on the check and indicate that it is for the years installment. Your Quarterly Statement of Estimated Taxes Due form and payment of each installment should be mailed to:
CCA - Division of Taxation
205 W, Saint Clair Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113-1503

Please call Quintena Sweeney-Smoot, CCA's Administrator for Clayton Income Tax at (216) 664-2969 or Michelle Jordan at (216) 857-7382 if you have any questions. You can also call CCA - Division of Taxation at (216) 664-2070 or Toll Free at 800-223-6317, or the City of Clayton at (937) 836-3500.