Public Records

Request a Public Record

Records are available to the public for inspection. Some records are currently available online. Click here to be linked to City Council Agendas and Minutes.

No specific language is required to make a request for public records. However, you must at least identify the records requested with sufficient clarity to allow us to identify, retrieve, and review the records. If it is not clear what records are being sought, we will contact you for clarification, and will assist you in revising the request by informing you of the manner in which the office keeps its public records.

You do not have to put a records request in writing, and you do not have to provide your identity or the intended use of the requested public record. However, the law does permit the office to ask for a written request, the requester's identity, and/or the intended use of the information requested, but only (1) if a written request or disclosure of identity or intended use would benefit you by enhancing the office's ability to identify, locate, or deliver the public records that have been requested; and (2) after telling you that a written request is not required and that you may decline to reveal your identity or intended use.

Public Records Request Form C100

Staff will locate and prepare the information you requested. The cost for materials is as follows:

  • $.05 (Five Cents) per photocopy, calculated from the first photocopy. Two sided photocopies shall be charged at the rate of $.05 (Five Cents)per sheet.
  • For video tapes, cassette tapes or for any other type of media, the fee shall be the replacement cost or the reproduction cost. Reproduction costs may only be charged if a commercial or professional service is contracted to provide the copy.
  • Mailing charges are assessed at actual cost.
  • All requests require advance payment. There is no charge to inspect records while at the Clayton Government Center.

Follow the link for more information on City of Clayton Resolution R-03-20-18, the Public Records Request Policy and Clayton's Record Retention Schedule.

Records Commission Chair

Elaine Kaylor Wittman

937-836-3500 Ext. 113