Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)

Discussion of BZA and PC Training

The Clayton Board of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commission will hold a virtual public hearing on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.  The purpose of the meeting is discussion of Board of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commission training.  The meeting is open to the public, but no public comment will be accepted at this training.

The meeting is being held via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 899 9814 9353
Passcode: 939105

Board of Zoning Appeals Responsibilities & Duties

City of Clayton Charter 7.02 

  • The BZA consist of a five member board who will serve overlapping 5-year terms and who will be appointed by a majority vote by the members of Council.
  • The BZA has the power to hear and decide applications for conditional uses, variances and administrative appeals.
  • The BZA considers each request in a manner to afford justice and avoid unreasonable hardship  but are subject to reasonable standards.

Board of Zoning Appeals Application & Procedures

Board of Zoning Appeals Fees

Fee Amount
Variance $200
Conditional Use $200
Administrative Appeal $100