Clayton Business of the Month

Mi Casa Group Realty

Mi Casa Group Realty is a family business that is committed to helping many families get their own home in the USA. The business was born in the heart of Ethel and Jerry Figueroa, when in 2003 they joined forces and their experience to create "Mi Casa Real Estate & Construction". Ethel Figueroa is the second generation of Real Estate Advisors. His father ignited this passion from an early age teaching her the trade and how the real state world works. Ethel practiced Real Estate in Argentina and Mexico and since 2003 with an office located in 3000 Sullivant Ave, Columbus, OH 43204. Jerry Figueroa, with his Specialization in Finances, studied in OSU and was "Manager" of Key Bank And "Team Leader" from a Chase Bank team. Both made a perfect team.

Ma19420531_1773295072684148_4445113680254869675_nny years of intensive work, training and integrity support the company, which has experience in the residential market, as well as commercial and rural. Mi Casa Group Realty felt the need to respond to the demands of its clients not only in Columbus, Ohio but also in Dayton, Ohio. That is why, as families traveled to Columbus, Ohio for advice and guidance, the company made the decision to sign the official opening of Mi Casa Group Realty at 8629 N Main St, Dayton, OH 45415 and trust the best and most qualified "realtor" of the Dayton area: Carlos Warren, who has more than 7 years of experience in the local and international market with hundreds of closed transactions. He is the representative of Mi Casa Group Realty in Dayton. The support of his clients, prove his trajectory and Mi Casa Group Realty believed in him and put him at the forefront of such a high mission: to help the community to get their own home and to improve their economic situation and secure their finances.

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