Trash Service Account

To set-up, change, suspend, reactivate, or close trash account please fill-out and return the following form.

Trash Service - Account Form

Level of Trash Service & Cost

Type of Service Cost
Curbside Service $38.44
Curbside w/1-90 gallon totter $44.88
Curbside w/2-90 gallon totter $51.31
Curbside w/3-90 gallon totter $57.73
Carryout Service $38.44
Carryout Service w/1-90 gallon totter $44.88
Carryout Service w/2-90 gallon totter $51.31

Please Note:

*Carryout service requires Physician note.

**Recycle totter is provided free of charge with trash service