Government Academy

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into the daily operation of a city?  Maybe your child has inquisitively asked where the snow plows get the salt that’s dumped on the roads during a winter event, or how the fire fighters prepare to fight a fire.  Maybe you’ve wondered how your tax dollars are spent and divided up between various city departments.  Why exactly does the city have to review plans for a new home and what do the police do to keep our community the safest in Montgomery County?  Answers to these questions plus much more will be provided during Government Academy. This free class will be available for the first 10-residents who sign up and will occur over a six-week period.  The only thing residents are required to do is commit to the entire six-week class. 

Next 6-Week Course: Starts September 13, 2023, every Wednesday 6:00pm - 8:00pm at 6996 Taywood Rd.

To express your interest, please contact Jack Kuntz at (937) 836-3500 or


  • Introduction and Police
  • Development
  • Services
  • Fiscal
  • Fire
  • Administration and Certificate Presentation