Local Food Pantries

Bolts Pantry

BOLTS Food Pantry will be providing bags of food to ANY local family in need! Please come to the Englewood Skyline Chili at 1321 S. Main Street starting next week, March 22nd, on Tuesdays from 6:00 – 7:00 pm or Fridays from 11:00 to 12:00 pm. Distribution of food will take place outside of the restaurant.

 Attention our elderly community members: If you are in need of someone to pick up food/medication etc for you, the T-Bolt Tribe has volunteers ready to help! We can also deliver bags of donated food to our elderly community members.

 Anyone wishing to donate food to the BOLTS Food Pantry can do so at Englewood Skyline Chili daily between the hours of 11:00 am and 7:00 pm.

 Thank you to our wonderful police department for helping spread the word! And, thank you for spreading the word to help us take care of our communities most vulnerable members!

Please feel free to contact Karin or Beth if you have any questions.

Karin Wissing (937)-620-9491 or Beth Poteet (770)-871-6225