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Plan Clayton
Plan Clayton

What is a Comprehensive Land Use Plan?

This plan will provide a Vision for the future development of Clayton, created collaboratively by the city stakeholders:  residents and land owners, business owners, City Staff, City Council, and other important organizations within the city. The plan will also provide a land use map, and recommendations for policies and strategies to implement the land use plan.

What is the process to create the Comprehensive Land Use Plan?

The process began with stakeholder interviews. Discussions began in November 2016 between The Urban Collaborative, the company hired to complete the plan.  A web-based survey was launched in order to capture a wide breadth of citizen ideas in this second phase of engagement, and ensure a balanced approach towards gathering public input. The most important part of the process was a four-day workshop, held January 18-21, at which we started to create a collaborative Vision for how Clayton should develop in the future, and generate steps for implementation.

How can I participate in this process?

We encourage everybody to take part in this process. The City Council and Planning Commission will be review a draft and final plan during meetings open to the public.  Please view their current agenda below.

Council Agenda

Planning Commission Agenda

We highly encourage you to share this information with anyone who might be interested in participating in the process.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Barclay, Clayton City Planner, at 937.836.3500 x114 or , or Tricia Kessler at 937.572.2890, or