Main Street Overlay District

The Main Street Overlay District is a form-based code that will allow developers and landowners to construct mixed-use buildings and will also encourage a more walkable and aesthetically pleasing environment along Main Street.  This ordinance is in response to the City’s desire to be proactive in its ability to respond to the ever-changing market, responsive to business owners and developers’ needs and the community’s desire for a more walkable corridor along Main Street. 

The intent of this ordinance is to provide a variety of development options that work seamlessly with the physical character of Main Street while encouraging a mix of uses.  The ordinance will not only cut approval time-line in half but provides clear direction on the character and design of Main Street.

Approval Timeline

The Main Street Overlay District also improves the approval timeline.  Commercial properties could take anywhere between four to six months to gain approval.  The Overlay District improves the timeline to weeks!


Any parcel of land located partially or wholly within the 275 feet of Main Street right-of-way or the next parallel right-of-way, whichever comes first.
Boundary Map