Zoning Certificate

Zoning Certificates are required for various improvements/activities include new buildings, sheds, building additions, opening a new business, new owner of business, installing a new sign, swimming pools, shed, deck, patio, pole barn, driveway/sidewalk and many others.

For anyone needing a zoning certificate, here’s how the process works: applicant completes a zoning certificate application and submits it along with the appropriate drawings to the Development Department at the Clayton Government Center, 6996 Taywood Rd.  Staff reviews the request and contacts the applicant regarding any questions. Once the review is complete — usually in less than five working days — the zoning certificate may be picked up at the Government Center.

Once the project is completed the applicant will then contact Staff for a final inspection of the improvement to ensure it was completed according to the plans submitted.  If the improvements comply, Staff will issue a Certificate of Completion.  This certificate should be kept with property records.

Complete the following forms:

Site Plans - DIY

A site plan is required with almost all zoning certificate applications.  To obtain an aerial of your property to create a site plan with, please visit the Montgomery County Auditor website.  In addition here are step-by-step instructions that help you navigate the website to obtain an aerial.

Building Regulations

Starting January 1, 2023, all residential and commercial building permits are administered by the City of Clayton.  National Inspection Corporation (NIC) is the certified agency who performs all building plans reviews and inspections services on behalf of Clayton.  NIC can be contacted directly with all building department questions at 937-433-4642 or

The City of Clayton is committed to working with business and property developers to encourage business expansion and growth in our community.  For new buildings, expansion, or renovations Clayton staff will review building plans to ensure that they meet our zoning and development criteria.  Once a Zoning Certificate has been issued, the building plans need to be submitted with a building permit application to NIC, via hard copies at the City of Clayton Government Center or online at  For more information regarding the building review and inspection process, please go to

For new commercial developments, Clayton staff will also review the Storm Water Plans for the to-be constructed facility.

Public Health:  Dayton & Montgomery County is responsible for all plumbing permits and inspections in the City of Clayton.  They can be contacted at 937-225-4421 or at their website,  

Building and Trade Permit Application

Building and Trade Permit Resubmittal Application

Fire Inspection 

Clayton's Fire Department works with the County and will review the fire safety plans for the proposed building. They will also inspect fire suppression system during construction.  

A Fire Department permit application needs to be completed anytime a new building is being constructed, renovations/additions to a commercial or apartment building, name change to an existing building and changes or additions to a fire protection system (sprinklers system, hood system, fire alarm system, smoke detectors, etc.).  If you are moving into an existing business and not changing anything, you still need a Certificate of Occupancy.  If you desire to utilize a tent, other than on a private residential property, you need a tent permit.  If you are utilizing a licensed firework technician to set-off fireworks, you need a fireworks permit.   All other fireworks are illegal and not permitted to be set off.   

In addition, each year, the Clayton Fire Department completes fire safety inspections on all businesses located in the City as well as numerous foster and home inspections. For more information, contact them at (937) 836-3500.