Planning Commission Agenda

Current Agenda

Monday, July 26, 2021        Agenda       7:00 p.m.

Current Cases

At the July 26th meeting the Planning Commission will be reviewing two cases and making recommendations to City Council.

Case # PC21-03:    Northwest Corner of National & Haber Rd, Redwood USA, LLC

Request is for a Zoning Change and Preliminary Development Plan for properties at the Northwest corner of National Road & Haber Road, Parcel #s M60 03012 0022 and M60 03102 0002, and all of M60 03102 0105.   The Zoning Change would be from R-1, Open Space Residential District, to PD-3, Planned Business District.  The applicant intends to build an apartment home community on the back 22 acres and will set aside 11 acres along National Road for future mixed-use development.  The request was made by Redwood USA, LLC (applicant). 

Case #PC21-05:  Parcel ID# M60 03102 0016, Grand Villas of Clayton

Review a Final Development Plan for Parcel M60 03102 0016 for a single-story apartment home community.  The request was made by Grand Tradition, LLC (applicant).