2023 Infrastructure Improvement Projects

Clayton will continue our yearly street paving projects that will include two MVRPC grant projects, Salem Street and Philipsburg-Union Roads.  Additional paving will take place on Union Road from the Englewood Corporation limit to Salem Avenue, and Salem Crossing Place.  We will continue the administration and inspection of the Westbrook Road and Salem Safety Project to include new mast arms and advanced warning signal detection.  

We will perform crack sealing in the Seville and Savina Hills plats.  Bi-annual painting of city street center and edge lines.  Administration of the Hoke Road widening project engineering. Stage one plans are complete and public input has started. This project will include utilities, a 10-foot walking path on the west side of Hoke, sidewalk on the east side and a round-a-bout designed intersect at Wenger Road.  We will begin engineering the drainage project on Taywood Road to include new curb, paving, and right of way purchase for a walking path. The project limits will be from Old Salem Road to Westbrook.  Continue the replacement, cleaning and documentation of various catch basins, curb drains and ditches.  Continue ditch maintenance and drainage improvement projects throughout the city.   Removal of old salt building and construction of new canvas building on Woolery Lane.  Continued improvements at the Clayton Hardscrabble, Northview and Westbrook parks to include restroom improvements, ballfield repair and bridge repair.

Road Project Expectations Flyer