School Bus Safety

The Clayton Police Department would like to share these School Bus safety tips.

  • Watch your speed in school zones! Be aware that school zone speed limits may vary in hours and speeds. Be sure to follow the posted limits.
  • Slowdown in residential areas. Watch for children crossing the street and congregating near bus stops.
  • Do not pass a school bus that is stopped to load or unload kids.
  • On roads with two or three travel lanes all directions of traffic are required to stop. See diagram for clarification.
  • Be alert! The Danger Zone, the area 10 feet around a school bus, is where children are in the most danger of being hit. Children walking to and from their bus are usually very comfortable with their surroundings and more likely to take risks, ignore hazards, or fail to look both ways when crossing the street.
  • Always stop when directed to do so by a school patrol sign, school patrol officer, or designated crossing guard.
When to Stop for Bus in Ohio

The Danger Zones

The Danger Zones are 10 feet in all directions around the bus. Statistics say that most of the accidents that occur to bus riders are within the Danger Zone. Drivers should always use caution near school buses especially near the Danger Zones.

bus danger zones