Estimated Payments

Since 2016 there have been changes to Ohio regulations for income tax payment and filing which has caused a lot of confusion and consternation in our community. These changes were made by the state legislature and not the City of Clayton.  These regulations apply to residents across every city in Montgomery County and Ohio.  

The biggest change, mandated by the Ohio Legislature and not your local community, is the annual estimate and quarterly payment requirement.  The new regulation, which is very confusing, requires a statewide threshold for requiring the remittance of estimated taxes to be $200 after withholding and credits for taxes paid to other municipalities is considered. If the taxpayer meets the $200 threshold, the taxpayer shall file a declaration of estimated taxes and make quarterly payment with all payments due by January 15th the following year.  These dates are determined and announced by the state of Ohio and will be passed along when Clayton receives them.

Clayton understands this new change is very confusing and we want to help answer any questions you may have. To cut costs of services, Clayton contracts with CCA to collect municipal income taxes.  Quintena Sweeny-Smoot is CCA’s Administrator for Clayton Income Tax can be reached at 216-664-2969 and will be happy to answer or clarify any questions our residents have with regards to this state mandate. Michelle Jordan from CCA can also questions at 216-857-7382.  Residents can also call CCA-Division of Taxation at 216-664-2070 or toll free at 800-223-6317.  The City of Clayton can also be reached at 937-836-3500.

Below is an example of income tax requirements for City of Clayton residents.  This is a simplistic example demonstrating the different income tax regulations for Clayton.

Est Payments