Do I need a permit for a Shed?

What do I need to do to install a shed? To help answer some of your questions, sheds or accessory structures as the Clayton Zoning Ordinance calls them, do require a permit called a zoning certificate with Clayton. 

Here is a summary of the zoning regulations:

  • Only two detached accessory structures are permitted on a single lot. Only one of those structures may be greater than 200 sq.ft.
  • Structures must be placed in the back yard and a minimum of 5’ from the rear or back property lines. In addition, accessory structures must be placed outside of any recorded easements and in no case may impede the natural flow of water.
  • Accessory structures may be permitted up to 864 sq.ft. in size, however if the rear yard exceeds 20,000 sq.ft. the structure may potentially be enlarged up to 1800 sq.ft. (see formula in code).

Do I need a permit to replace my current shed?  Yes.

Regulations may be found in Section 1121.02(C) of the planning and zoning code at

Zoning Certificate application may be found at

Directions on how to obtain aerial for the ‘Site Plan’

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Zoning Certificate Application

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