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Admin Staff

  1. Email Kevin Schweitzer
  2. Pot hole Complaint Form

    Spot a pot hole? Let us know where, so our staff can repair it.

  1. Email Teri Birchfield

Facility Rental

  1. Janice Ward Facility Rental Application

    Please complete for rental of Janice Ward. Application must be submitted with payment for rental Date & Time to be guaranteed. Prior... More…

Fire Department

  1. Captain Wagner Email Me fire prevention

    This will go with requests for fire prevention.

  2. Email Andrew Follick
  3. Email Jim Ake
  4. Email Mike Seagraves
  5. Email Scott Wagner
  6. Smoke Detector Installation

    The Clayton Fire Department through a partnership with the Red Cross is able to provide free smoke detectors to Clayton residents. The... More…

  1. CPR and First Aid Enrollment Form

    This will go with CPR first aid and fire extinguisher training requests on the site

  2. Email Bernice Garrison
  3. Email Matt Maurer
  4. Email opening regulations or questions
  5. Email the Fire Association
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Police Department

  1. Compliment an Officer

    Clayton's Police Officers are committed to providing the highest quality of services to our residents. If you have been helped by one... More…

  2. Email Me B Campbell
  3. Email Me E Weber
  4. Email Me J Daugherty
  5. Email Me J Weaver
  6. Email Me R Monnin
  7. Email Me T Hamlin
  8. Your Email Has Been Submitted Successfully - Vacation House Watch

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  1. Email Me A Clark
  2. Email Me B Fitzwater
  3. Email Me H Titus
  4. Email Me J Sanders
  5. Email Me P. Nabel
  6. Email Me S Schutte
  7. Vacation House Check Request

    Once you return home, please call Montgomery County Dispatch at 225-4357 to cancel your Vacation House Check.

Road Services

  1. Pot Hole Complaint Form

    Spot a pot hole? Let us know where, so our staff can repair it.