Miami Valley Lighting


New Outage Reporting Option

Miami Valley Lighting is pleased to inform you that we recently launched a new automated IVR phone system for outdoor and streetlight outage reporting. The new system will make it easier and more convenient for residents and community members to report outage and maintenance issues on your behalf. We continue to offer quick and easy outage reporting on our mobile-friendly website.

 Outdoor lighting can represent safety, convenience and value for your residents.

 Miami Valley Lighting has created a toolkit to help you educate community members on how to report an outdoor or streetlight outage. We have included sample content and graphics that you can feel free to customize and use in your:

 Email and print newsletters

  • Web pages
  • Social media

 The toolkit includes instructions for reporting outages as well as locating Miami Valley Lighting pole numbers. Including the pole number in outage reports help us locate the specific equipment that needs maintenance and enables us to make timely repairs.

Miami Valley Lighting is proud to serve you and your community. We continually strive to provide excellent service and value for our customers.  Thank you for your business.


Bob Stallman

Vice President, Miami Valley Lighting