BZA Meeting Videos

Date Case Number Address
7915 Wastler Road - Accessory Structure Variance
6880 Ranch Hill Drive - Road frontage variance for a lot split
05-02-2023 VAR23-02 11315 Old Mill Road - a request for variance to allow an in-ground swimming pool closer to the 
residence than 15'
02-07-2023 VAR23-01 6892 Salem Avenue - allow a truck terminal dock bay les than 100' from a district that allows 
residential uses
01-03-2023 CU23-01 295 E. Salem Street - Conditional Use Application to allow a Church and Primary School
11-01-2022 VAR22-13 9301 N Main Street - Variance from Main St district and from generally applicable standards for 
proposed parking lot for medical office
10-04-2022 VAR22-11
6350 Union Road - Variance for maximum area for a proposed detached accessory structure
211 E. Salem Street - Variance for automatic pool cover in lieu of 5' fence and lockable gate
08-02-2022 VAR22-08
426 Thelma Avenue, Variances for required setbacks and height
7090 Taywood Road, Variance for gravel driveway
6040 Garber Road, Variance for automatic pool cover in lieu of 5' fence and lockable gate
07-05-2022 VAR22-07 909 Westbrook Road, Variance for number of accessory structures
06-07-2022 VAR22-06 11100 Rinehart Rd, Variances for location, height, and number of structures
05-24-2022 VAR22-03
4633 W. Wenger Rd, Variance for maximum building height
11155 Old Mill Rd, Variance for size of barn
448 Crestway Dr, Variance for size of garage
04-05-2022 VAR22-02 7864 Country View Lane, Swimming Pool Fence Variance (Luke and Haley Cunningham)
03-08-2022 VAR22-01 11211 Old Mill Road, Swimming Pool Fence Variance (Brian and Jane Oosthuizen)
11-16-2021 CU21-01 6080 Taywood Road (Dan Morris, dba Dan the Mower Medic)
10-19-2021 VAR21-06 5292 Rahway Court (John Stoflo)
7631 Wastler Road (Alan & Shana Evans)
09-21-2021 VAR21-03
7140 Crestway Road (Ann Smith)
Corner of Phillipsburg Union & Old Mill Rd (Michael Podrosky)
4848 Pacemont (Mary Sonya Conti)
06-15-2021 VAR21-02 190 Old Salem Road (Reginald Greathouse)
05-18-2021 VAR21-01 7520 Rose Tree Lane (Tim and Doreen Williams)