Clayton’s Development Department staff strives to strategically and smartly grow our safe, beautiful and diverse community by providing excellent emergency services, community-oriented programming, local business support and enhancing the public infrastructure, while maintaining our small-town character and agricultural roots.

The Planning/Zoning division is apart of the Development Department and is responsible for administering Clayton's zoning and subdivision ordinances. With the City's Zoning Ordinance and Land Use Plan as a guide, planning and zoning staff work closely with developers and property owners to ensure the highest and best use of the City's valuable real estate.  The Ordinance help protect property values and quality of life by ensuring that new developments and other improvements are compatible with the surrounding community and neighborhood.

The Development Department staff works closely with a variety of appointed boards, commissions and committees to support Clayton’s City Council in matters related to development of the community.

Nearly every project, whether new construction, home remodeling, shed, swimming pools, requires interaction with the Development Department in the filing of permits. Our staff is here to assist.

Clayton's City Planner and is responsible for reviewing plans to ensure that they meet Clayton's standards and serves as the staff on multiple boards.